Stone Clover / The Sailor Kicks / Ghost City Searchlight

Mulligan's Pub, 1518 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI

FREE SHOW 6.22.2018 Music Starts @ 10pm (21+)

Stone Clover - They began creating a style of music that borrowed from traditional Irish, punk rock, metal, and folk - a genre they affectionately named “Paddy Slag”. After growing into a five-piece line-up, Stone Clover was already packing pubs and clubs within their first year of performing. Local and regional festivals began to take notice, and the band quickly worked their way up to becoming a crowd favorite headlining act.

The Sailor Kicks - The Sailor Kicks are a Surf Rock/Ska band from Grand Rapids. Ranging from dirty Dick Dale like licks, to bright and poppy Ukulele dance tunes. The Sailor Kicks are a fun energetic mix of old and new, sure to get your toes tapping and your hips swinging.

Ghost City Searchlight - Ghost City Searchlight plays original music inspired by traditional Celtic and American folk songs infused with raucous energy. Their brand of charismatic folk-rock tells stories that are drawn from the spirit of tall tales heard around the campfire, from the pages of dime novels read under the covers with a flashlight, and from the personal experiences of anyone who feels the deck is stacked against them.

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